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Very Beauti ful Rajasthani style multi-stone set By zevar.

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Very Beauti ful Rajasthani style multi-stone set with beautiful beeds useful for any occasion and festivals By zevar.


This is a gorgeous Indian style aad . Each aad is handmade by myself and is for the person who truly enjoys the look of a real traditional Indian aad. We hand select and cut each moss agate to guarantee you're getting the best quality natural stone possible! We cut them into a dainty 8mm square and then set them in a setting. The material we use is a very vibrant color. Finally we put a clear resin on the bottom of the stone to ensure an even longer product life and top it off with a polish, ensuring a beautiful natural aad!

The shades of each stone vary since they are natural . aad can be used for various function, occasion. It will enhance your beauty.


Adjustable – fit to any size


All packages are sent as a perfect packaging with damage protection.

Size: Adjustable to any size
Gemstone: stone, beeds
Materials: copper, beeds, pearl


Jewelry that helps poor child labours: We donate some of the profits from these jewelry sales to help abused child labours. We find the same on a case by case basis by sorting through various rescue groups and donate to the ones in most need of support.