11 Bridal Fashion Trends That Will Definitely Rule 2021!

11 Bridal Fashion Trends That Will Definitely Rule 2021!

Now that we've successfully welcomed 2021, it's time to talk about all the things that are going to reign in the wedding industry this year. 

If 2020 proved to us anything, it is the fact that wedding celebrations aren't just about the dress anymore. And a bride simply does not just invest in her lehenga when deciding an ensemble. She invests in a legacy that she creates which can be passed down to the next generation. And that legacy is created by compiling some of the most quintessential elements of new fashion trends. 

And where do we fit into that? Well, our job is to bring to you all the fashion trends. Fashion for brides is now ever more focused on personal style and versatility, because the looks brides invest in may end up being considered for an array of events. What was once all about the wedding day look has now become about the wedding wardrobe: from the main day to the mehendi, the sangeet and the reception. A bride's wedding trousseau is all about taking new fashion trends and incorporating them into one. 

So, here are some of the bridal fashion trends that we recommend you keep an eye on for 2021!

Bridal Fashion Trends That'll Be Big in 2021

1 Colours In Fashion That Will Trend


While we're hoping to see a slew of colour trends being embraced this year our full bets are on bright pastels like blush pink and lavender along with earthy olive greens and even the Pantone colours of the years Ultimate Grey and Illuminating Yellow. 

2 Floral Kadas Rather Than Kaleeras

Brides, we love floral kaleeras. But our attention has been recently caught by these gorgeous floral kadas that are probably perfect for mehendi and haldi functions. The internet has been raving about floral kadas and so are we. It is such an exquisite trend that we are in love with the idea of a bride choosing a floral kada for her wedding festivities!


3 Colourblock Outfits To Trend This Year

Colour blocking is all the rage these days. And thanks to designers like Sabyasachi, you'll find this trend to be quiet famous in terms of ethnic items. How do you colour block, you ask? Well, the simplest way to go about it to create (or find) and outfit that pairs two colours that are on the opposite ends of the colour wheel. For example, purple and yellow, or orange and pink. Colour-blocked outfits look gorgeous for a peppy mehendi ceremony.  

4 Blouses With Unique Necklines

Conservative blouses are so 2020! We're here to tell you that with the new year, bridal fashion will take an experimental turn and the necklines of blouses will become more scandalously unique and pretty. Whether they choose plunging necklines or edgy fringed lines, the blouse designs of 2021 will be different.

5 Shimmer & Mirror Will Follow Into 2021

Honestly, we cannot ever get over shimmer, sequins and mirror work. Glitz and glam with a hint of bling! What more can a girl ask for to look her for her wedding function? Mirror work outfits are one of the most scintillating & sought after choice for brides and bridesmaids. They are timeless, graceful yet extremely glamorous. And 2021 will surely see them reign. 

6 Elegant & Impactful Head Jewellery

Bridal headgear like bridal hairbands, mathapattis and the likes are all trending for brides right now. However, unlike the traditional head jewellery, the designs have changed with jewellery designers embracing half moon like styles, or even more modern designs that look amazing on new-age brides!

7 Maximalism Will Be All The Rage In 2021

 One of the things we cannot wait to see in 2021 and that we saw by the end of 2020 were brides embracing maximalist vibes. OTT jewellery, heavily embroidered outfits and all the works. Instead of scaling down to meet intimate wedding requirements, you will witness brides embrace the opposite and stun everyone with their opulence. 

8 Floral Mehendi For Brides

While we saw designs with peacocks and lotus motifs and even glitter henna in 2020, as we enter 2021, we're seeing a surge in brides getting floral mehendi designs for their weddings. And who are we to complain? Intricately designed floral mehendis are truly the most amazing!

9 Blouses With Unique Shoulders & Sleeves

Blouses with unique shoulders and sleeves will definitely highlight 2021. While this is not a timeless or classic trend, it's one that we absolutely love and so do the designers all over. 

10 Chevron Print Outfits For Mehendi Functions

Also known as the 'zig-zag' pattern, the Chevron print has been in vogue since 2014. But not only did we see a lot of brides and designers embrace the chevron print, but we also hope to see this carry forward into this new year. 

11 2021 Brides & Bridesmaids To Embrace Pakistani Style Outfits

We all love those Pakistani suits and shararas with the OTT embroideries and stunning colours. These silhouettes look visually downright gorgeous and the use of silk and crepe make them look even more beautiful!

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